Web Console not showing correct data after AP6Pro upgrade

Upgraded to 1.1d from whatever came with the new device. The web console was working perfectly before. Now it shows 0 clients attached but all the clients are connected and do have WiFi access.

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Thanks for posting @Z-Tech! I will take this to the team and update you with what I find out.

Just to add, I logged out, logged back in and even went as far as clearing the browser cache.

Still no dice!

Do you happen to have another AP set up nearby with the same SSID it might be connecting to?

Nope, I decommissioned the old AP.

@Z-Tech Can I DM you to get an invite to the site?

Invite Sent

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I think I may have figured something out. So my main SSID seems to be having the issue. If I create a new SSID and connect devices, they appear instantly. But utilizing my main SSID it doesn’t work.

Is there a way to “reset” it on the backend systems so it purges any info about the old SSID?

Hi Jeff,

Any advice?

@Z-Tech We’ve identified the problem and will release a fix in 1.1f. Sorry for the troubles.


Okay thanks for the update.

Any ETA for 1.1f?

It’s looking like the next couple of days and we’ll reach out to you @Z-Tech

Thanks for the feedback so far :sunglasses:

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Hi guys, sorry I underestimated :wink:

Can you try updating to v1.1f and see if it helps? You can click the up-arrow:

Seems to be picking up the other SSID now with the associated clients!


Thanks for letting us know, and if you notice anything else we’ll be here :slight_smile: