Wattage and Coverage

First of all, great products! :smiley: I have a couple of questions regarding the APs.

1: What is the approximately physical coverage of the two APs?
2: What is the power consumption on idle?
3: What is the power consumption on the different network types (standard, large, IOT, etc.)


Thank you for posting @Seb!

The coverage for the AP6 is 1 per 2500 sq ft in office environments, and 1 per 1500 sq ft for residential applications.

I am currently getting the answers to your other questions and will report back once I have them!


@Seb The network types don’t really affect the power consumption. It really depends on the ambient temperature of the AP and the networks overall load.

The idle power consumptions is between 7-15w


Good answer, because i have never heard such thing in 20+ years for number 3 LOL !!! ( actually facepalmed this )

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Thank you for the fast answers. :slight_smile: