Warranty on switches


looking at Aruba Instant On or HPE generally there is limited lifetime warranty on switches.

For me buying a network switch (for personal or business use) this is something i pay attention to. I just got a HP Switch at work 13 years old with one connection not working and well, i contact HP support and that’s it.

I know, there are many things to consider about such a decision (margins on the products, expected lifetime and so on) but i think it would also be a marketing thing you could separate your products and have some kind of unique selling point to competitors like TP Link, D Link and such…

Just a thought of mine that is…

Hi, yes we have a 2 year warranty on switches (and all other products). For up to date information, you can always check:

yes, that’s clear.
I perhaps framed my request not clear enough - i would suggest to look into the possibility of extending the warranty period on switches like HP, Cisco etc.

Like i said, that’s not lightly to be considered, but it’s a thing people consider when buying…