Wall Mount Option

One area that the AP6-Pro doesn’t work well is as a truly mesh system, simply due to the fact that it is PoE powered. My question is

  1. Are there any designs being looked at where it is not PoE powered, but simply wall plug (sits over top of the existing outlet)

  2. Alternately, some style of relatively low profile box that the AP6-Pro can attach to that contains a slimline PoE injector that can then plug into a wall outlet?

Either of these options seem like they would greatly improve the product lineup for Residential/Small Business scenarios.


@Mac_SPITwSPOTS As with any enterprise-class network, we strongly recommend wiring every AP if at all possible, but we realize that there are many cases where mesh is the only option. We believe that our mesh software design will cause less connectivity headaches than those you may have used before.
While I cannot comment on a forthcoming pluggable product, I will mention that even/especially in a mesh scenario I would recommend installing an AP that can 1) be elevated much more than 1.5 ft off the ground, and 2) oriented horizontally to overcome less optimal performance otherwise.


With the tests carried out with the mesh, the connection has worked very well, this is done immediately when it is carried out in the laboratory, you must also consider the scenario in which you find yourself, since if you have many obstacles and you are not within the coverage area or with a good signal you can present many problems with disconnections from it.

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