Voucher Based Authentication for Hotspot

When I take training for “the brand that shall not be named”, voucher-based WiFi always gets a big vote of confidence from the students.

Charging customers for WiFi isn’t a big thing here but having the ability to create vouchers with up/download speed restrictions and byte limit/quota is great for those with data caps on their internet (AirBnB etc).

Also having the ability for users to add hotspot operators who only have access to vouchers/client authentication but not network/AP settings would be great too.


I’d be interested in this as well and a feature to be able to collect valid email addresses for vouchers to keep track of possible usage or marketing contacts in exchange for usage of free internet.

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Thanks for the feedback @SimonNZ91 and @SonNgo! This is a feature we plan on supporting at some point but to be honest we haven’t seen or heard a lot of demand for the feature up to this point. So if there are others that feel this would be an important addition as well let us know so that we can properly prioritize it. There are also other ways that emails can be harvested (e.g. external portals) but if this is a feature that there is still a lot of demand for we definitely would like to know.


Hello @Alta-Dallin. This features seems to me very important, since in Mexico it is really common to use vouchers in hotspot as a authentication method. Mainly for hotels, restaurants, schools and public areas, this is a must have in order to be success in Mexico´s market. If you could add the option to save an email for marketing purposes it would be great, since clients ask for it a lot.


Thanks for the feedback @Carlos_Chavez! This helps a lot. We will work on getting this feature properly prioritized on our roadmap. CC @Alta-Jeff @Alta-Chase


I would very much love vouchers as well. I use this authentication method a lot for guest setups.


Just wanted to add for priority purposes, that I’m very interested in the feature to collect emails in exchange for obtaining access to the Network. Would also be great to optionally collect other fields like Name, Phone Number, etc. (custom field support would be amazing).

Nice video Alta team: Utilizing Hotspots | Alta Labs - YouTube

Still keen on vouchers for hotspot :wink:

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+1 for Vouchers