VLAN number at Wifi (SSID)


I created a DPSK network with 1 SSID and several passwords. 1 password is created as standard with vlan number 35, or any other vlan number which doens’t exist in my network to check if obtaining an ip address is failing. But for some reason my android devices do get an ip address in the range of 10.188.x.x /16 and Internet acess is available. I do not understand where that ip address coming from. Is this a tunneled Wifi network through the Alta cloud ? I see this also with my windows laptop

You can find your network with the IP address under
Settings → System → Advanced → Backup Network

To further that, you can try just blanking out that field and re-associate the devices. This will occur if there’s a potential DHCP failure, the AP with then act as the gateway in the absence of a gateway provided by DHCP. In some cases, this happens erroneously and may only apply to certain devices.

I would try blanking the field and reassociating. If you’re not getting DHCP from your true DHCP server, that’s something we’d need to troubleshoot further.

Ok thnx, this makes it more clear. thnx for the response.