Very impressive

• We really liked the packaging. It looks like a premium device but it is not over the top Apple-ish (like UI). Fancy boxes end up in the trash too and with our typical customer base the end-user will never see the box.
• The AP is by FAR the best looking on the market!! Solid build quality too.
• We’ve seen that dust tends to be a problem with a number of AP brands. The AP6 PRO is mostly sealed and dust should not be a problem. The heat sink should help dissipate heat.
• We really liked the reset button. Easily accessible.
• Without physically mounting the unit, the brackets are simple to figure out and use. Seems to be very good quality and clips don’t look like they’ll break easily (problem we often face with other brands’ brackets).
• No fuss with special POE injectors or switches. I could take my pick of powering methods – all worked.
• GUI is easy to navigate and very responsive. Looking forward to seeing the finished product and mobile app.
• Time Zone was correct by default which is a welcome touch
• Setting up sites and adding APs is very simple to figure out – easier than most other AP brands, if not all
• Easy to set up SSIDs and parameters thereof – created multiple SSIDs
• Easy and convenient to add users. Invited users received email with link to register.
• Extensive list of Applications to filter – easy to select. Blocked a few apps. Quick response and very effective!!
• Rate limiting on SSID and per device (and blocking devices) is very easy to set up and works well.
• RF scanning without interrupting connectivity is great
• Close range throughput (in the same room @ less than 10m) is better than similar alternatives from cnPilot, MikroTik and Grandstream, but very much the same as Ubiquiti and TP-Link. Used local Wi-Fi testing app Wi-Fi Sweetspots
• Effective throughput over distance is very good – better than similar alternatives from TP-Link and Grandstream. Using a Samsung Fold 4 I could connect from one end of the MiRO HQ office to the other through multiple drywalls. About 60m and still get throughput of around 150Mbps at -67dBm (5GHz).
• Activating Wi-Fi schedule is easy – cool feature to request access during down-time
• Great to see the air-time efficiency feature which is quite popular


@Maggie_Redelinghuys thanks for all the great feedback. So glad you love the products!

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@Maggie_Redelinghuys Thank you for all of this wonderful feedback! Our development team will love to see this!

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