Unused devices still showing in app

I have a number of devices that haven’t been connected to the network for around 3-4 weeks but still show on the iOS app and some on the Management console but not all.

is this a bug - or by design? if the latter can we can have a way to select to show devices last seen by a time frame i.e. last seen in 24 hours / 5 days maybe?

on the web you can have it show only connected devices. The iOS app doesnt seem to have this option but you can tell the ones that are disconnected won’t have an IP assigned.

It would be great if we could get a feature that deletes devices right after disconnect if they are known to be using a random MAC address.

It is by design if you have ever changed any of the settings for a particular MAC address, so that when the device comes back on the network, it will maintain those previous settings. If you want to delete the device and its settings, you can click the trash icon.


I thought as much - is it possible to have the option to hide them in future versions please?

Also what would happen if I had a site like a coffee shop with multiple users in and out each day does that data get released when the IP gets reused?

If you haven’t changed any of the settings for your clients, they will automatically fall off, if they have not been connected within the selected timeframe (1 minute, 1 hour, 2 days, 2 weeks). They are tracked by MAC address, not IP address, so if another device takes the same IP address the next day, they would both show up if you were viewing the 2 day timeframe, for example. You can hover over the graph to see exactly when each client was connected.

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