Unable to choose channels after 1.1p


After update 1.1p it seems that I can’t choose channels 100-140 anymore.
I live in the Netherlands and those channels are allowed there.

Can someone look into this?

Welcome back @wsi!

At the time of this screenshot, roughly how long had the AP been powered up?

Thanks for your fast reply.
Uptime is 15.5 hours

Somehow they show up now. Not sure if you changed something?

I did not. The reason I asked about uptime is that, per DFS rules almost everywhere, the radio has to scan before it’s allowed to transmit on DFS channels. This scan duration can vary by regulatory domain but certainly not 15.5 hours :laughing:

Did you refresh the page or did they just suddenly show up?

Yeah I understand.
Strange thins is that I have two sites at our account and the problem was at both sites (totally different physical location). I switched between the sites and the problem was still there. Not sure why it’s showing up now hehe

My first thought is cache. But that would be an odd explanation when switching between 2 sites. I’ll bounce this up the chain to the developers and see if they have insights as to why this may have been the case for you.