UI Improvements and Enhancements

Installed and configured my system in the past week. Have a few thoughts.

The UI/UX could use a little love and would be happy to work with a product manager or dev to help improve this.

  • The power buttons on the switch to power cycle are tiny.
  • The modals don’t close on their own when clicking off the modal and have to click on each X. Updating devices as an example just pile up.
  • You have to travel across the screen to get to the switch or AP modal as an example

Welcome to the Alta community! Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks again for your feedback, I’ve shared it internally for consideration.

Could you please elaborate on this point? The power icon on the port just indicates PoE on that port, you don’t need to interact with that icon to power cycle the port. You can hover the cursor anywhere over a port using PoE and the modal will show to power cycle that port.

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HI Mike
Perhaps it was just me, however, it now feels like the power cycle modal appears faster than when I first interacted with the switch ports.
I would click on the port and look for a power cycle option. Was not expecting a hover modal for 1 experience and clicking for another.

I’m not aware of any changes to web management today, but I will check. What browser are you using? If it keeps repeating it may indicate a caching issue, which could be resolved by clearing the cache or verified by using the private/incognito mode of your browser a few times (depending on which is easier or preferred by you).

We actually leverage hovering in several places, but mostly for Network devices. There is extra statistical information if you hover over columns like IP, Load, or Status for Network, or Signal and Traffic for Devices.

I will share your feedback with regard to hovering vs clicking. Thanks!

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Utilizing Chrome.
Appreciate all the support!