Ubtq to Alta - AP w 2.5gbe?

Currently a Ubtq user w U6 Pro and UDR. I am really dissatisfied with the throughput of the Ubtq devices so I am on the lookout for something better.

I think the Pro 6 look really interesting while given the seemingly great performance from the devices (spec wise and per reviews) are there any thoughts on introducing an AP with a 2.5gbe port to reduce the risk of the Ethernet interface becoming the bottleneck? Especially if there are more users on the same AP.

Cheers / Magnus

Hi @MrBumble no firm plans, but it has been in discussion possibly for future products …

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@MrBumble - I pretty much came from the same setup as you UDR as a router, and a U6-Pro and U6-IW and was looking for something better.

I went for an AP6 and an AP6 pro and have been very impressed with reliability. I have never needed to reboot these access points nor mess around trying to find the best firmware version that has the least bugs. So far I’ve found them to be very stable and reliable. That said I’m only in a home office environment.

I don’t really understand why pro AX access point have a 1gbe port when they are capable of faster speeds. I guess it all comes down to balancing the production cost with what people are willing to pay.


Thanks for sharing and I presume your reflection is correct - everything is a priority.

As you had the same setup as I; Were there specific reasons as to why you concluded on these APS over the usual suspects Meraki Go / Aruba IO AP25 et al? Just trying to to see if I can avoid doing a lot of trial and error.

My primary reason is that the Ubtq devices seem to max out at around 360mbps upload for any device whether to LAN or WAN and it seems unsolvable.

Did you keep the UDR fr use w/o the AP or retire it for something else?

Thanks in advance for any help.