TX and channel handling

Hi all!

Looking into alta ap’s and I want to hear how you experience tx and channel auto adjust? Yes I know best practice is to set manually, but for many customers we have its not easy too get accept for full site surv.
We have a lot of customers with UniFi and as we all know auto tx in UniFi = full power :innocent: is auto function better with alta ?

Hi @eba !

Our “best practices” would be to base it on the site/install. We usually recommend leaving everything at auto, and we have worked hard to make everything work out of the box.

However in some situations, you still have the capability to manually configure a channel (or bandwidth, txpower), in case it’s a noisy or crowded environment.

Feel free to chat with us with a specific site & details and we can take a look!



I have now replaced 2 aruba instant on AP25 with 2 alta AP6-pro.
what I experience compare to aruba:
-often alta boots and keeps running on same channel.
-Adjusting TX power sometimes not works (have to reboot AP), also tested manual.
-If set to auto TX on 5ghz, both ap running at full power and I get sticky clients / bad roaming compared to instant on .

Running software 1.1o
Clients: Dell, Lenovo and macbook m2, iphone, ipad

@Alta-MattH Still seeing the same behavior regarding auto settings & power I mentioned in a previous thread as well. Sticky clients if allowing ‘auto’ as well on 1.1o. Power setting is indicated as ‘30 dBm EIRP’ in web ui. Is the manual power setting field actually EIRP, which means if we want to adjust according to environment, we need to calculate antenna gain with wanted power? Manual power setting of 22 dBm should be roughly 18 dBm actual power?

I have 3 of the AP6 pro. Testing out to see if they would actually adjust power/channels automatically, which they seem to just stick to 36 and max power for all 3.