Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee Guest WiFi


From Three Llamas website: “Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee was originally set up in Perú, successfully sourcing, roasting and selling specialty coffees in their capital city Lima. Seven years ago [they] moved [their] whole operation to New Zealand. [They] now offer [their] distinctive coffee here in Aotearoa, freshly roasted locally in Woodend, North Canterbury.

Bad Boys IT reached out to Three Llamas to see if they had any needs when it came to WiFi. We found that they often get asked by customers if they have free WiFi but didn’t have the facilities in place. They were using their ISP-supplied WiFi router on a VDSL connection to connect EFTPOS terminals and various other devices but thought it’d be great to have a separate WiFi network, completely isolated from internal devices, for their guests.

One caveat was that there was no structured cabling and no option to ceiling/wall mount an access point. A-ha I said! I ran my AP6-Pro on a desk for 6 months or so prior to ceiling mounting it and had no issues whatsoever. In fact, I was impressed by how it performed without proper mounting. With that in mind, I recommended an AP6-Pro to Three Llamas and away we went.

I connected the AP6-Pro via PoE injector to their existing router and provisioned two WiFi networks:

  • A copy of their existing SSID so they didn’t have to re-connect their devices
  • A guest network with the “Internet” network type so guest devices were isolated

For mounting, I placed the AP6-Pro on a windowsill during testing and let the client know it can be moved where they feel comfortable. Apologies for the lack of photos here.

Overall I believe Alta is a great solution for deployments like this. I’ll visit the client again soon for coffee and feedback.


Great install, thank you for sharing, Simon!

Keep us posted on the feedback frome the cafe

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