Thoughts on how close two APs can be located

We do a lot of Residential installs. As a general rule we try to space APs at least 25’s apart. This has been the recommendation of other manufactures that we’ve used in the past. We also try to avoid stacking APs? I.e. having a basement AP directly bellow an AP on the first floor. Sometimes however this is hard to avoid. Does Alta have any recommended minimum distances we should have between Alta AP6 Pros? Or any tips for when a home layout makes it difficult to space them as evenly as might be ideal?



Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Obviously with wireless there are many variables. With residential, the density of client devices will be lower, so capacity shouldn’t be an issue. The main thing I’d focus on is coverage. And some of the things you mentioned are good ideas.

I wouldn’t recommend putting them close to each other unless you have a density/capacity issue, but for a house, I’d recommend trying to spread them out (left side of house, right side of house on the bottom floor, etc). However, it’s not necessarily bad to have one AP in the same location on a different floor. There shouldn’t be any negative impact on performance as long as they are on different channels.

I hope that is helpful… let me know if you have any other questions!


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I’ve got a loft that is open to the main living room so i have 1 AP left side of house 1st floor, 1 AP in the loft upstairs and then, 1 AP right side of house also up stairs but in a room over the garage. Works out so that AP covers about 2 rooms and the garage, the loft one covers a bedroom and the main downstairs area. The left side of house covers that room which is an office and a few other devices at the front of the house (mainly some IoT stuff near the front door).