THIS is why I have so much faith in Alta Labs. They are intentional with what they do

I want to share this quote and bring up a very admirable point about Alta Labs. This team is very intentional with what they are doing. I pushed them a little bit to see what they thought about marketing hype, and they have again made it clear they think a lot about the decisions they make. We are in for some amazing network gear from this team, as they do more than chase the current market buzz words to get their products out there. Guys and girls, Alta is the real deal.

To quote @Alta-Jeff:

"@rutman286 We will definitely investigate 2.5 GbE on forthcoming products, but we have been very intentional with our choice of 1 GbE for these models. Currently 1 GbE is the most cost-effective and compatible method for access points in enterprise environments. We especially did not want our APs to be unable to attain an Ethernet link simply due to a poor 2.5 GbE implementation on the switch-side.

In addition to this, unless you have an AP every 20 feet (which we’re not discouraging ;), it is not typically possible to achieve speeds higher than 1 Gbps of wireless throughput, anyway, especially in enterprise environments where it’s best to use a narrower channel width of 20 or 40 MHz."


Thanks @rutman286 your feedback means a lot to us :slight_smile:

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