The installed and operational

sorry no photos of un boxing as i had it all set up over 2 days basic plug and play did all network set up over 2 hours before recieving the aps copy and paste and while on an early shift the next day and 2 hours of sleep and a big thank you to Linitx
@NickShore had issue with fedex tho next day was 2 day delivery tho

ap in my top floor of my house at the stairs

ap located in my kitchen where my old phone socket was

all in all very happy with the signal now and throughput very good
i need to do an external walk for wifi around my house to see if any drops in signal


Thanks for the story @regchan! Let us know how it continues to work

after at least a week of heat and a week of switching to alta im extremely pleased with the aps Constant speeds Across all aps now range is excellent ive left everything default to the most part of it signal also covers my garden space nicely vln tagging seems to be ok and getting correct ip too

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finally got my living room ap mounted
right ext to my soke detector theres no interference here

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