The Alta Network AP6 customer experience from a low voltage installer’s point of view:

Alta Networks App: This was troublesome when I decided to download it on my I phone. I tried the following search terms to find the app, and none pulled the app up to install.

• Alta

• Alta Labs

• Alta Inc.

I did re-visit the Alta.Inc website and was able to find the link for the App on the Apple App store. If I would have known to search for Alta Networks, it would have shown up. My initial thoughts about this, I would include a QR Code or instructions on the Quick Start Guide on how to find the app in the App store. Boom we got the app installed! I used Google SSO to sign in, thanks for doing this, I hate creating new accounts, I have so many logins already. I was able to set up a network, deploy two Ap’s and have all my initial configurations provisioned for both AP’s in under 15 minutes. This was fantastic. What is missing for me:

  • I am a sysadmin throughout the day, I am a low voltage warrior during my downtime. I am used to Meraki, and Ubiquiti having a place to enable and disable notifications when a Security Appliance, Switch, or AP goes down. I feel like this would be included with Alta; I have not found this on the Alta App. My opinion this feature should be included, and it should be located by going to the settings gear > System > Notifications.

  • The Alta App version: 1.2.1 (123) does now have On-The-Fly changes and scanning. I go to the AP> Edit Access Point> I have a Tab for Wi-Fi and Settings. This is where I feel I should be able to scan the RF environment for the chosen access point and make configuration changes “On-The-Fly with the mobile app instead of the site.

UX (User Experience): I would normally use the term UI when describing a web portal; however, I will say that I love the simplicity of the Alta app and web user interface, I would classify this as the UX instead of UI. You listened to the needs of consumers and developed a good understanding of how to develop a product and include the features required to meet a need. I find it extremely easy to navigate and configure for all users, no matter the level of technical experience. This has been a struggle when installing other access points in residential environments. The user would request access to the system portal and would easily become confused or overwhelmed with the UI. Thank you for making the Alta interface non-technical compatible.

Access Point mount: The twist and lock in is very Ubiquiti-ish. You have the same issue they do. It is fantastic when mounting to hard smooth surface, or suspended ceiling tile. It is challenging when mounting to popcorn ceiling. I usually have washers on hand and use the U-PRO-MP mounting plate with washers when installing other AP manufacturers AP. I will say I had a tough time getting the AP6 and Pro to lock in due to using drywall anchor on popcorn ceiling. I would like to see a popcorn ceiling (residential mount) in the future that would extend the body of the AP down just a small amount. I was able to secure it by using washers and locking it in. I mounted on two different surfaces to see how the mount would based on the surface area. I have yet to use the ceiling grid mount.

Performance: I have installed both versions of the AP and put them through the ringer on Wi-Fi devices, we are a very connected household. I have not had any complaints or hiccups. I like the throughput that I get. I have a cable router (yuck), I was using a dream router and I needed it for another project, and I do not have something to replace the router with now. I used a Ubiquiti 24 port switch to give POE to both AP’s. I would have enjoyed being able to try the Alta switch family out while using the AP’s. However, I used what epcom sent me, I must say they are an awesome company to work with and I am excited to do business with them in the future also. I tend to try to install a single pane of glass solution to customers. I am excited to see where this product line goes. I have not used the multi password authentication (color coded groups). I will enable and try this week.

Would I recommend Alta? Absolutely, it will make my job easier. If I like the product, I can sell the product. I have live communication from Alta. It is hard to communicate with some manufacturers.

What would I change? I would continue to develop the software defined networking side. I would offer different mounting options for both AP’s.

Sorry if this seems long winded. I try to be thorough and accurate with my opinion. I hope it helps someone within the organization. I am not comparing you guys to UI by any means, I am just giving my opinion based on experiences with other companies.

I did look at CES 2024 exhibitor list to see if ALTA is going to have a booth. Hopefully, I can catch you guys at an event one day. I will continue to give feedback as I encounter pros and cons, it may be through the Alta forums or in a social media post.


Thanks for sharing your experience David! I like your suggestion about making it more clear on where to find our App in the App Store so we can avoid more confusion like what you experienced. We will take a look at that. We are also working on adding more notifications/alerts such as the ones you suggested so stay tuned there. We will be at Wispapalooza in October and will may attend CES next year as well. Keep in touch and keep the feedback coming :+1:

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