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Well I do not know if I am on the right track on this, but I will shoot it.

I find myself troubled when I try to locate if an issue or a feature request has been mentioned before and what’s its status in forums.

The only solution for me until now, is when the vendor has all the release notes gathered in one place so I can search related keywords on the subject I follow.


  1. I search forum
  2. I read all the related posts for better understanding
  3. If I cannot find any answers, I check with keywords the release logs

Now that the forum has more users with feedback, I think a solution must be found before the forum has duplicate threads for same issues or feature requests.

So I propose a “resolved” tag in categories → threads or a category with all the resolved issues threads and search field.

Similar thing for feature requests, an “added” tag in categories → threads (if the request is unique and not a list) or a category with all the feature requests threads that its content has been added and search field.

As I first mentioned, maybe I am not capable yet to track what I need in forums such as this, so I hope I did not waste your time.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the feedback @sequoia … I definitely agree that as we get more activity in the forum, we will need to add more organization. We have been working on that and exploring ideas…

We will continue to make improvements so that it’s a bit easier to find what you’re looking for, and track issues / requests :slight_smile:

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