Switches - Bulk Settings option to set multiple ports up at once

It would be awesome if we could have a way to make changes to multiple ports at once. As an example, it would be great to be able to select 6 ports, and set them all to access ports with VLAN 10.

Yes, support for modifying multiple port settings simultaneously will be added soon.


This has already been added, by the way. You can assign multiple ports to a color, and the color/group can have native VLAN and allowed VLAN settings attached to it.

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I’m currently working on a video for this To help people visualize this and see how easy it is !!

Stay tuned !

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I will appreciate this a lot more… when I finally get my hands on a 24 port switch! :pray:

Are the colors on the Switch Ports tied to the Colors on the WiFi networks or are they independent from each other?

@BrianG They are technically not related at all, though you could make some correlation if you wanted to.