Switch thinks it's an access point in IOS app

My S16-PoE appears to be having an identity crisis:

This is a known issue currently. We hope to start working on proper switch support after a few other required features are completed. It’s likely that support will be in the iOS app first too, and Android will follow shortly after (albeit, the Android app is still WIP in general). I will try to make a point of following up here once work has started.

EDIT: updated for accuracy

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Cheers @Alta-MikeD :slight_smile:

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@SimonNZ91 This should be corrected this week. While we won’t have full switch support, the icons/images will be correct. No more identity crisis.

Nice one. I’ve been whispering positive affirmations to my switch each night just in case.

@SimonNZ91 Love the TLC you show your gear! iOS update pushed yesterday. Icons should be correct now.