Switch Ports blank on Safari after latest update

I love the multi select changes you made to the switch ports! Unfortunately, since that change, the ports are missing altogether on Safari on Mac. :frowning: Below are screenshots from chrome and safari on the same Mac.



Weird, mine is appearing fine… I’ll reach out @rutman286

I got this one figure out. I am on MacOS Sonoma Beta. When the new beta update dropped last night, it started blocking the switch port icons. What I had to do was uncheck “Enable content blockers” for manage.alta.inc.

With the page up, you click on Safari, then Settings for manage.alta.inc… then uncheck “enable content blockers”. See pictures below:


What version of os ? and what version of Safari ? ( edit )

Im on the same version of Mac os & same safari and no issues… Strange.


MacOS 14.0 Beta (23A5328b)

Safari Version 17.0 (19616.

Let’s mark this one resolved team. I can now freely enable and disable the content blocker and the switch ports stay just fine. I am guessing it was just a Beta software glitch and Safari just needed a good ol’ reset. Sorry for the false alarm.


You should have seen what first verion of Beta of 14 was like, no images preview and lots of other things.

Oh I was on it… it was HOT mess LOL