Supported SFP transceivers and DACs?

I’m getting ready to deploy some Alta gear in my office lab for testing. I searched the forum and didn’t find the answer to my question or on the product pages, so I am asking in the hope it helps others.

Is there a list of supported SFP/SFP+ transceivers and/or DAC cables or is it try different ones until you find one that works?

Here is the one I took and it works perfectly! :slight_smile:

It is an amazon affiliate link

Welcome to the community @Pearce !

We have designed the Alta Labs switches to work with most, if not all, SFP modules and DACs. We have tested with most major manufacturers and have yet to find an SFP modules that does not work.

That being said, if someone has found a SFP or DAC that does not work, we would love to hear about it.