Standard vs Pro wifi range (home user)


I am have been looking through reviews online and this forum for info on which access points to buy.

I will be getting a Pro for outside under eaves of house, but I am also looking to add 2 internally for my home network. I think between all AP there will be approx 30 devices shared with most using wifi 5 with the exception of some PC’s and phones.

The main reason for getting these points is due to wifi range through walls, so I am going to mount to ceilings on landing and downstairs.

What actual benefit would I see by get 3 pro’s rather than 1 pro (outside) and 2 standard inside, would I get better range?


I should also probably add that due to watt requirements 1 pro and 2 normal would be cheaper for switches also as power would be sub 65w.

Overally happy to spend money on pro’s if I will see any benefit :slight_smile:

@user5 Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting! I’d strongly recommend the AP6-Pro for its more efficient use of the 5 GHz band with 4096 QAM. Along with the extra 2 WiFi chains, we’ve seen around 20-30% performance and range increases in our own testing.

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great thank you.

Have any specs about the Alta switches been annouced yet? I am looking to install end of July (UK) and was wondering if the smaller switches would do enough combined wattage

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Was wondering the same!

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@user5 More info about the switches will be released soon but the small 8 port switch is 60w total. Keep an eye out for a post regarding the switches!

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You tease