SSIDs tunneled through GRE tunnels

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how realistic would it be for yall to add Tunneling SSIDs and terminating at an L3 switch or some kind security appliance as a capability to the AP…this would help with client Roaming across l2/l3 boundaries…I know this sounds dumb…I get it…take a look at the Cisco WLSM (trust me, that is the right name…I am NOT talking about a WiSM) designed for the 6500 Chassis (think GRE tunneling)…this would also make it easy to extend VLANs out to the edge without having to push the vlan all the way out to the edge and not having to add the VLAN to the trunk…this could cut down on a lot of network services traffic that can be a nightmare to trouble shoot at the edge…for example Spanning Tree problems…I know this would be a FUTURE FUTURE request…but I think this could help in roaming (clients act as if on a contiguous L2 segment that never changes, unless SSID change takes place). This could also be a Remote Teleworker type setup if needed (with some changes to account for WAN ingress/egress).

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Can you not just do this with VLANs and handle it more centrally?