SSIDs - Is there a way to disable vs delete for testing?

Is there a way to disable an SSID?

I just had to do this for a Meraki SSID to know if there are known users of it but as well as testing which would require enabling and disabling a number of times.

I see the Hide in Advance settings but that just makes it where someone just has to type in the SSID vs it fully disabled or almost as if it doesnt exist.

Thanks for your time!

Hello @SonNgo, there currently is not an option to disable the SSID but we will be working on that feature in the near future. Keep those notifications on for updates!

Hope I’m understanding what you’re after but could you assign it to a colour that isn’t applied to the AP you don’t want to target?

Yes, if you change the Color of the certain device, it will disable the SSID, and you can always change it back afterwards :slight_smile:

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