Ssid went back to old psk?

Changed one of my ssid to wpa3 and enterprise auth over the weekend.

iPhone wouldn’t connect it it this morning, looking in the Alta app it was wpa3 still but using the psk it previously had configured.

App out of sync or did something revert some settings?

If you’re using enterprise, the credentials would be on the RADIUS server, right? There’s nothing I can think of that would have caused anything to revert on our end.


Yes, in this case it’s Ubiquiti cloud gateway ultra, one of the features you can enable on it is to be the radius server for the network.

I’ve been noticing apple iOS seems to be a bit crap with WPA-Enterprise, I did originally create device specific users, but I suspect when you add network credentials to the iOS device it syncs them with iCloud for that SSID as the password wasn’t the one originally set (Amusingly it didn’t change the username)

Anyway this morning my iphone was refusing to connect to the SSID (just a spinning animation), I went into the Alta Labs app via 4G and it was showing the SSID configured with the old PSK but oddly it had the new advanced settings (WPA3 only.etc)

Switching the SSID from it’s old WPA2/PSK to WPA3/enterprise configuration was done via the web portal so it’s possible it was just the iOS app was out of sync, however re-applying the settings in the alta app caused the iphone to re-prompt for the credentials, and then I could re-connect to the SSID.

@dragon2611 All of the SSID settings are saved at once, so I’m really not sure how you could possibly have new enterprise settings mixed with old PSK settings. If you can reproduce the issue, I’m happy to take a look, though.

@Alta-Jeff I think it’s an iOS app issue, as it looks correct on the web management portal but it’s wrongly showing as “Password” on the iOS app.

For some reason the iphone has decided it can’t connect and i’m not sure if it’s the device or the AP (Don’t have many devices on the WPA3-Ent enabled ssid)

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@dragon2611 Looks like there is an issue in the mobile app, we’ll get that fixed right away.


Thanks @dragon2611 … great troubleshooting!

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