SSID creation and assign to one (not all) AP's

Is there a way to create new SSID’s and assign them to the AP you want? For example, I want a extra SSID: WebOS with only 5Ghz, but both AP’s are close together and it needs to connect the one which is the closest. If you can select the extra SSID for only this AP (not all of them) there is a way to ‘lock’ this to the AP.

I hope this feature will be there soon if its not possible?

Yes, this is already available so you would effectively be able to lock a device to an AP in a sense, albeit with an extra SSID. This would involve the colour system. By default all APs are assigned black, and this can’t be undone. So that colour is reserved for SSID(s) you want provisioned everywhere. But there are other colours and you can assign these on a per-AP basis as desired.

You will want to create a new SSID and assign it to a colour other then black. Do note that black will be assigned by default but if you click or tap on it then it will be removed. Then under Advanced you can choose 5GHz. Just make sure to add that colour to the desired AP from the AP properties view and you’ll be good to go. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you add the colour first or after, as long as you remember to use the same one if you assign a colour first.

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Great that it’s possible! Will test it today when the package arrives.

All working like you said :slight_smile:

Cool, glad to hear that’s working around the issue for you. Thanks for letting me know!