Speeeeeedy - even in another room!

We have been running some tests on on AP6-PRO to a Pixel 6.

As we sell a lot of gear we have a lot of kit on test in our building so the RF environment is busy !

These tests were on ch48 160 Mhz channel width.

Typically in the same room we were getting 820 Mbps+

This one is 14m away in another room, through 2 walls:


Looks great! I would say tho 160mhz is usually overkill. You mustn’t have any interference at all! I’d recommend sticking to 80 though, you’ll have a more consistent connection & you can still get speeds like this. I can see 750mbps on 80mhz easily.

Oh we have loads of APs running here, testing for LinITX, so lots of overlap.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised at how well they work.

I just retested on 80MHz and managed around 500 Mbps

Moved up to a clear space, channel 64 and its up at 700 Mbps plus


What did you prior had? So i can compare your positive feedback

Looks good :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

That’s great, Nick!