Speedtests very respectable

I have been holding off publishing some speedtest from my tests due to my router being questionable. I just got back from WISPAPALOOZA and had a chance to swap out my router.

The first test is wired to the router. What I would expect on a Gig x 45 meg connection.

Second is from the Alta Access point on a 2023 Macbook Pro m2.

I would say this is a very impressive test.

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Thanks for sharing @j2sw … you can probably get it closer to wire speed if you have decent signal, large enough bandwidth, and not a noisy environment. If you can get over 900Mbps I’ll add you to the official Alta 900 club :smiley:

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I do believe that I’m getting over 900 in my environment at home. :slight_smile:

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@macnmod you’re added to the Alta-Gig club then :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting @j2sw !

Awesome to hear it @j2sw and it was a pleasure meeting you at WISPAPALOOZA!

I’ve hit a gig but had to do some interesting SFP things to get it there since there so much gig copper out there :laughing: