Speed the AP is Receiving

New User here, Testing the Pro to possible Deploy through my school district. I might have missed it but is there a way in the AP monitoring that I can see the speed getting to the AP? I can look at my switch and see what the port speed it set to but would like to see what the AP is getting

Welcome to the Alta community! To confirm, you’re wondering if you can view the Ethernet negotiation rate and/or status? There isn’t anything exposed in the management interface at this time, but I will check on our plans there and follow up.

If you haven’t noticed yet there is a little more information available in some areas when you hover the cursor over the data (i.e. DPI, and other info when hovering over the chart in the status column, or LLDP info when hovering over the IP, etc.).

That is correct, That is what I am ask. Only reason I ask is one time we had an issue with our Extreme AP’s an turned out it was a firmware issues limiting the rate it would receive was 10mb’s and that was the only way we find the issue lol

@DDonaldson We do have the iperf3 application installed on every AP, so if you are familiar with ssh, you can perform your own testing at this time. We do plan on adding features to test the speed within the UI at some point.


The aforementioned iperf3 application can be very useful for actually measuring speed. Back to the original question, we’ve created an internal ticket to add Ethernet PHY negotiation for APs to management.

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