Speed/memory usage

I have Frontier 1gig service. Hardline I receive about 940 consistently. I can only get about 600-675 on the AP. I know that is good but was hoping to try to get more. I have also noticed my 1 AP-PROs memory typically sits at about 66%. Could this be hurting my speeds and should I get another AP to split the load?

Good morning Jlewis. 600-675 is extremely respectable for WiFi! Realistically that is as high as I have ever seen without having a client with a 4X4 WiFi 6 card in it, and a crazy AP with 4X4X4 Mu-MiMo and 2.5Gb ethernet. The memory really will not fluctuate much during speed tests in my experience.

As for whether you should get more to split the load, that really depends on how many clients you have and what the real world use is. We all love using insane numbers on speed tests, but they are not a very good real world use case test.

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Okay, I figured those speeds were going to be pretty good.

I have about 25 devices. The memory sits at 66% even not during a speed test.

i have 3 aps and i have about 25 devices over 3 aps
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What is the bandwidth of the AP you are using on the 5 Ghz band? 80 MHz or 160 MHz?

80 MHz

40 on 2.4 and 80 on 5ghz

What device are you running the speed test on? Have a look at it’s specs to see if it’s 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 and check against here: https://mcsindex.com/

Some devices, like my MacBook Pro, allow you to check their RSSI/SNR and this alongside your modulation rate, will determine your theoretical max speed.

Sorry if this is just jargon to you.