Sonos issues with AP6-Pro

I’ve got some Sonos devices in my ceiling. But there are a lot problems when the power is off and back online. When this happens I need to restart the sonos devices on a specific way to make them ‘online’ again. Today I’ve got a lot of issues and I bought a EAP650 from TP-link. I’ve tested it, and everything is working perfectly. So there is a issue within the AP of Alta labs.

Also when I check the sonos app → systems I see all Sonos devices. When with AP6 Pro it’s still buggy, it won’t show everything.

What can I provide to locate the bug? If this cannot be fixed soon I will sell the AP6 pro’s :(.

I highly recommend holding for 2.0b. The 2.0a release has the fixes for multicast, but it sounds like you’re affected by the issue fixed in 2.0b. We should have that out shortly, or if you want to try 2.0b-RC1, I can help you with that as mentioned in the other thread.

Hi @Alta-MikeD , at this moment i’m running “2.0b-rc2”. Let me know if it’s better to have rc1 so I can invite you and you can install this firmware.

Hey, full version 2.0b just got released.

2.0b doesn’t fix this issue. This is in investigation by Mike.

And 2.0c did not fixed it. Mike did pinpoint the problem and they are working on a fix.

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I can confirm i also have issues with sonos discovery. As with @BliXem the sonos app always shows the units but run into issues with spotify discovery. Also this house is using the app Unified Remote to control a Mini jumbotron which also has issues discovering.

restarting the ap seems to fix it.

We have 3 AP6 pros installed and 5 more so hopefully we can get this ironed out sooner than later.