Some of you may ask, what is Alta?

Alta is an Alta-rnative to bad networks and slow Wi-Fi speeds!

I was looking for something to replace my Amazon Eeros that had inconsistent speeds and would drop connections from time to time.
I also wanted something with great specs and solid connection. I found Alta networks when I came across a youtuber’s review and thought heck, I’ll give them a try.
First I ordered one… then ended up ordering a second.

They are easy to setup, setup probably took seconds and everything’s been running smooth so far besides a few hiccups with smart devices I own, but support was super quick to help fix all of that.

I’ve been seeing consistent Wi-Fi speeds of around 750-900mbps with these. I’ve even done some heavy gaming with them and have had no lag or latency issues!

This is my “main” AP in my bedroom I paired up to a POE switch and my firewall. I ended up mounting it to the wall for better signal. I still need to get a wire guard to hide the wire.

This is my firewall I ended up pairing them with, a Gl.inet Brume 2 running an adguard DNS server.

The second one I ended up mounting up high in my living room and I think it looks cool with my LED light strips lighting up in the background. This one is meshed because I can’t run a wire in my apartment. It’s also got a strong connection and I see speeds around 500mbps with this one.

This is a speed test I ran from my cell phone to show the speeds you can be expecting with these access points. I’m sure some people will see better results without all the Wi-Fi interference like I have in my environment.

Overall I’m really loving these access points so far and everything has been smooth and reliable. Alta staff are also supper amazing and fast to help if you need support.

I also work for a IT MSP and I’ve been talking with management about perhaps switching from Unifi gear to Alta gear for clients. They seemed highly interested as well. We got high hopes for Alta!

If you’re considering Alta and you’re reading this now, they are definitely a solid company and their products are well worth it!

Please give a like and share your experience with Alta below!


Very nice review Nighthawk. Also nice to see the gli net in use. I have one as travel router. At home i use the firewalla gold.
Also good to hear you meshed it. Good speeds on that.

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I had a firewalla purple but felt it was too clonky and wanted something simple with a local login. I’m actually selling the purple but haven’t had any takers yet :sweat_smile:

I like that the gl.inet has adguard natively built in. It’s also been surprisingly powerful for how small it is.

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Update, it’s been about 10 days since I’ve posted this. Everything is running very stable and I haven’t run into any further issues. I’m loving these access points! I’ve been seeing speeds of around 600-800mbps over WiFi.

Oh and I returned the GL.Inet firewall and ended up switching to yet another one (Unifi Dream Router). Using the PoE ports on that to power the Alta AP!

Everything’s been running great with the dream router acting as my router/firewall with the Alta APs. Super stable network, WiFi speeds have been amazing, and I’ve even done some heavy gaming with no lag what so ever.


Awesome story @NightHawk Thanks for the review!

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