Small Setup - Look No Further Than Alta Labs

Decided to bite the bullet and buy a few items from LinITX the awesome team they are! Currently have 2x S8-PoE and 2x AP6 Pro and I can’t fault them at all. Apart from the fact my switches think they are APs in the app (known issue).

Incredibly fast speeds and super high range for such a little device!

Current setup is a Palo Alto Firewall with SSL decryption, AdGuard DNS, all locally controlled Home Automation (Home assistant). Friagate with Google TPU for CCTV on a separate internet blocked VLAN!

As always every setup looks good until you add cables so enjoy basic photo below without cables :slight_smile:

If you want a rapid WiFi network with an awesome future look no further than Alta Labs


@WhyAydan Clean looking install! Thank you for the kind words and for sharing!

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Update looks like I underestimated these APs and now only need 1! Moved it to the centre of the house and it covers it perfectly! Moving the other to the shed to give more range in the garden.

On a plus side making the LED white in the hallway gives me wife approvals as she can now use it as an ambient glow.

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