Show IP Addresses for devices connected to Alta Switches

At the moment only wireless client devices display their ip address in the management console. Would be nice to see the ip address for WIRED client devices as well.

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I can confirm this is planned and will be added in a future switch firmware update.


@Erik This has been deployed! Please check it out and let us know what you think!

@Alta-Chase Thanks for letting me know. I just had a look in the cloud management, but I could not see any IP addresses in the Devices table. Restarted both my switches, but still nothing. Both Switches are running the latest firmware.

@Alta-MikeD @Alta-Chase Just checked again and I still don’t see any IP addresses for the devices connected to a switch. Have I misunderstood something here?

Does it affect all wired nodes? Or only some? By chance, are any of the wired nodes configured with a static IP (at the client side)?

To my knowledge there is a bug related with static IPs, which will be resolved in the next release. But it should be working for clients that pull from the DHCP pool.

It affects all wired nodes. One of those nodes has a static IP address configured in the router, but the other three are DHCP.