Sharing the WiFi network through a QR code

An open network with a splash page, where guests have to enter their details before gaining access, can have vulnerabilities and is inconvenient.

Sharing the WiFi network through a QR code provides a more secure and convenient method.

  1. Authenticity: A QR code can be generated by a trustworthy source, such as the network administrator, and can be directly scanned by guests without the need to input sensitive information.
  2. Limited access: The QR code can be generated with limited validity or usage rights.
  3. Simplified configuration: Sharing the WiFi network via a QR code provides a simpler configuration for both the administrator and the guests. Instead of having to input complex passwords, guests only need to scan the QR code to connect to the network.

See, for example, Meraki Go:

Hi @Leo_Hompus have you tried any of the popular 3rd party external hotspot software options out there? We have had discussions with a few and hope to have a few options available soon :slight_smile:

This QR-code generator for example?

Would be a nice feature in the future, for now Third-Party tools would do the Trick.
Of course this could be expanded with features of the Hotspot like generating multiple QR Codes for users with times that they can connect or limit bandwidth.

ive created a webpage on my site dedicated for connecting the wifi