Setup in IOS not working

I am having great difficulty setting up APs in the IOS mobile app. It alerts you that a new AP is ready for setup and when you click to set it up it just stays with the same screen and doesnt set up the AP. I have had to go to the web manager to set up the APs

Sorry to hear about your troubles. After tapping setup, does a modal render at the bottom showing the device with another button to setup? What happens after you tap that button?

Are you using the latest version of the app (1.2.3)? Was your phone connected to an existing Wi-Fi network during the setup when hitting the issue? Are you setting up more APs and still hitting this issue?

Just testing mobile setup again right now, and it’s working here, so it should be working for you too. We just need to figure out why not.

Yes using the latest version of the App. When i click setup it starts with the AP icon and the setting up rotation below and then just stays doing that. The device never sets up. When i go into it on the webinterface it is as if it is ready for setup so i just do it there