Selective filter option

As always, I’m impressed with how well your AP6-Pro and its features work!

I tested the Filter feature last night by blocking TikTok in the Filters tab, creating a second password under my main SSID, and checking “Bypass Filter” under the main password.

I’m astounded by how fast this applies! Within seconds, my For You page stopped loading and I could stop my procrastination :smiley:

I was wondering though if the logic could be swapped? By this I mean, rather than a global block and selectively bypassing the filter per password; it’d be great if the default logic was default allow and you could then “Enable Filter” per password.

The reason I ask is that if it was a decent deployment with multiple SSIDs and passwords, it’d be a bit more involved to “Bypass Filter” for each if the intention was to only block a subset of users.

Another example would be parents blocking apps for kids. Most customers I speak with would prefer to see a “Block x app” option as it instills more confidence I guess.

Either way the feature works super well and it’s another distinguishing feature that makes Alta a no-brainer for future WiFi deployments.

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Hi @SimonNZ91! Glad to hear you beat your procrastination! :joy:

As for your question, we do not currently support that logic but it is something we will consider for sure. Keep the great ideas coming!

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