Search not working properly


I’m seeing no results when searching at the devices view.
I use a part of AP name wich corresponds with the link field at the devices page.
ap name: “AP - SJI - S0.04 - ALTA”
search term at devices page: “S0.04”
no results

when I clear the search field, much devices show and also devices from the ap wich I was searching for.

I’am using chrome browser on windows, hard refresh(ctrl + F5) doesn’t fix the problem.

Any else having these issue?

Edit: same problem in the adroid app as in the chrome app(for windows)


Can you double check that you don’t have the wired/wireless filter enabled? Usually when this happens to me, I just need to reset my filters above.


@Alta-Jeff Just checked
reset filters doen’t do the trick

Still no search result when I’m searching as mentioned in my first post.



@SVEN-B Can you invite me to your site? I can’t reproduce anything similar here, so I’d like to understand your specific setup. I’ll DM you with the address to invite.

@SVEN-B From what I can tell, that device is an Alta AP, so you would need to search for it on the Network tab instead of the Devices tab. From my testing, it comes right up.


I’m sure that this was working before …
But still

How can I find the devices connected to one specific AP?

As I described in my first post, that was the way I did it.



@SVEN-B I know what you’re referring to now. You’re right, that functionality had been removed to support other features, but we will add it to the queue to bring it back.

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