Screencast from android phone & alexa Speaker Groups out of sync

Hi all!
I recently installed an 8 port and a ap6 pro.
Signals are strong, traffic looks great. However, I can’t seem to screen cast from my android phone to my Vizio smart TV. They are using altapass, same network, visible to each other. The network is simple on this side of the lan and nothing has changed as far as routing. Only swapped out and old AP and switch. At first I thought wifi6 issue. I forced my cell over to 2.4 with the TV. Nothing still. Any ideas?

1-7-23 edit
Appears my spotify speaker group with 3 alexa shows now broadcast music out of sync. Might switch back to old AP.

I am also having this issue but intermittently. Sometimes I can cast and it’s all good but other times I can’t. Im not completely sure what the issue is. I also have two tv’s that will drop connection to some streaming services I.e. Disney Plus at random for just enough time for the app to state there is an error. It’s a bit frustrating.

I am having similar issues - especially with devices connected to the S8 POE switch which never show on Airplay although I can airplay from those devices just not to them?

I am also having issues with the switch showing nothing connected on the devices count - not sure if this is related?

While i really enjoy new tech, and new companies with a fresh idea. there are some things that this system lacks that feel like no brainers. The APs are able to show MAC, hostname, and IP of devices connected. the switch can not. MACs are there. this should be rolled out. its a networking fundamental to have a smart switch that has a client list. but the biggest issue for me that nearing make or break is the screencasting issue. ive had the system for a month and 20% of the time i am able to screencast. the other 80% i have i settle for watching the media on the cell phone… the issue with the out of sync whole home audio has cleared up.

Hello there!
As far as the discovery issue goes, those should be address with the 2.0g release.

After updating, let us know if you are still experiencing any of these issues still.


Alright so about a week on 2.0g. The alexa speaker group has performed great. not a single unit is out of sync. They are available everytime I try to use them. So that is good. the not so good, my tv continues to not be available to screencast. ive switched back to my old ap just to make sure i not misconfiguring something. TV popped up immediately for use. For some more info, TV is a Vizio and the old ap is a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD set to bridge mode.

@Verhelsting Thanks for sharing the issues you are seeing with your Vizio TV and screencast. Would you mind sharing if you have any VLANs deployed in your network? Also, is your Vizio TV connected to your network switch? Or also connected to your AP?

Yeah so the home network is on the default vlan 1 that comes out the box. majority of things are on this setup. I have not started reconfiguring my IOT to use alta pass yet. the system and my network are largely basic. this weekend I implemented a tagged vlan, but the issue was present before this. Last night the issue disappeared after swapping to my old AP, which the tv was connected through wifi. Jeff enabled a feature this morning, and through my testing during my lunch time off, it seems to have fixed the issue. I will keep yall updated, @Alta-Chase @Alta-Jeff Thank you guys for following up on this.

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Furthermore, to the point, Jeff enabled an experimental Multicast feature. after testing today, it seems to be working as intended. I will follow up in a week after using it for alittle bit. thank you @Alta-Jeff


Hello all!
So after roughly 5 days on the change, I think I can safely say, ITS FIXED! It has worked every single time Ive tried to screencast. @Alta-Jeff I appreciate you taking care of this issue. While I was testing I was able to pickup the 16 port poe. Great quality devices. They look and feel premier. I look forward to seeing these products develope.