Running hybrid networks - dual panes of glass

From the roadmap/timeline, Alta users will be running hybrid networks this year (SDN devices from multiple manufacturers).

Have you guys thought about anything that could smooth this over for the user? I’m sitting here, trying to come up with something, and I’m coming up empty.

I’m a customer for your Wifi 6 APs when they come available; currently running a complete Unifi network, with Wifi 5 APs at the moment. Dual panes of glass will be the operating mode, clearly.

All SDNs desire to be single panes of glass ultimately. The transition will be interesting.

Hey @Todd_Vasko!
I’m not sure I 100% understand the question … do you mean interoperability among the vendors?
Or making it simpler for the user for sharing one software for all products (vs each vendor having their own)?

If I replace my Unifi APs with Alta APs, I’ll have two panes of glass when managing my network, yes?

@Todd_Vasko That is correct if you keep your old APs running. However, even just for technical reasons, we strongly recommend an all-Alta AP deployment in order to maximize the WiFi roaming benefits that Alta APs provide.


@Alta-Jeff I think @Todd_Vasko means that a full ALTA APs WiFi network still needs at least a firewall/router/gateway (or UTM/Next-Gen Firewall) to provide a minimum network solution to a customer. That results network engineers to deploy their projects keeping in mind that their going to administer and monitor their clients’ networks using at least 2 different platforms, as for now, there is no L3 product from ALTA.

The roadmap/timeline*** give network engineers a hint what to expect in order to invest in a transition. Based on the given ALTA roadmap, different platform monitoring is the only road for a network engineer if he chooses ALTA APs for his projects.

I think that @Todd_Vasko tried to get a hint about the possible solutions you may provide in the near future for an overall SDN product.

***Newcomer here and I am reading posts from the oldest to the newest, so maybe there are updates in roadmap/timeline.

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@sequoia I cannot comment on the timeframe of a router, other than it is in the pipeline. For the time being, though, in my experience, the wireless portion of any network is generally more tricky to get just right, and the real-time capabilities, DPI engine, and network type settings of the Alta interface make scalable implementation and monitoring straightforward for the wireless portion.


I’ll also add that the DPI functionality is pretty amazing (without requiring a gateway, all done from the L2 AP) … here’s mine right now :slight_smile: