Review 2023 Pros and cons

The ap is made very well
great wifi throughout the property throughput tested and with speeds i have its constantly bang on no drop in speed even on a starlink connection speeds are not measured as it varies alot

Bt business connection at 80 20 speeds but expect down 74 up 18
great interface for set up and its improving interface @
Team are very responsive and active via forums whatsapp and email and chat
Feedback is key to making the product a positive they are taking feed back and trying to fix thing to make better
aps may get hot but this is normal mine sit at 45oC i have seen
has to be paired with cloud systems for some people @ (currently 24/6/23) believe they will bring a local controller out when they see fit
No remote reboot (Currently 24/6/23) this will be in the works
wall mounting bracket currently still needs redoing hole placement is not correct

Thanks for sharing your feedback @regchan !

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