Restart AP option


It looks like we can’t restart APs right now. That means you will have to powercycle it physically.

i restart aps on my poe switch login to the switch and restart it there

We will keep you updated on this. It has been requested, so it could be a possibility in the future …

I think this request comes from us just getting comfortable with having the option if something goes wrong. I will say though, since installing these APs, I have messed with settings a LOT. Daily I am changing filtering, adding and deleted SSIDs, changing VLANs, etc, just to play around. Thus far, I have not had to manually restart the APs a single time to fix a problem or force a settings change. It seems like if something went bad enough you needed to restart, you would likely behaving to power cycle POE anyway.

Potentially a PoE power cycle schedule on the new Alta Switches?

I recently had to make large changes to my network which caused some of my devices to not want to connect back to the AP unless I restarted it. I restarted the unit by power cycling the POE port but it would have been nice to have the feature available in the portal to do a soft restart.

@JRosen almost +1, details below

@rutman286 @Alta-Tony Today I made a change to an SSID (I unchecked the hidden option) and it could not take the change, so I erased the ssid and recreated. There were a lot going on (that time I had just upgraded the AP, my AP was in a new location with VLAN changes and behind mutiple NATs or even reporting this could lead to a bug for hidden option), but the thing is that if the SSID had multiple settings configured, then I should have noted all of them in detail in order to set them again, while a single reboot may had given me the proper outcome.

As users, we could use the speed of light that these aps are booting.

Sorry for the size.

This appears to be a feature now, (hold shift on the settings tab of the AP edit pop up) however it doesn’t prompt you for confirmation or give you any kind of feedback that something is happening when you click

Yes - additionally it sometimes takes a few clicks to get it to work or at-least it does in the Brave Browser

Yep, hidden feature on web by holding shift. However there is no option in the app and if you pull up the web management on the phone there is no way to do shift click on the phone.

Agreed need to be easier in the web gui to reboot and also to add this in the app

I’m thinking it might be a better option to not have it hidden, but have it prompt “Are you sure?” once or twice?

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Maybe even like when you try to delete some things (like a github repo) and it makes you type out the name of the device as well or something like that?

Actually (I haven’t tried removing an AP from the controller) but this same logic would be handy for those kinds of actions as well (type the name to confirm) and then accept the double prompt (are you sure?, are you surely sure?)