Restart AP option


It looks like we can’t restart APs right now. That means you will have to powercycle it physically.

i restart aps on my poe switch login to the switch and restart it there

We will keep you updated on this. It has been requested, so it could be a possibility in the future …

I think this request comes from us just getting comfortable with having the option if something goes wrong. I will say though, since installing these APs, I have messed with settings a LOT. Daily I am changing filtering, adding and deleted SSIDs, changing VLANs, etc, just to play around. Thus far, I have not had to manually restart the APs a single time to fix a problem or force a settings change. It seems like if something went bad enough you needed to restart, you would likely behaving to power cycle POE anyway.

Potentially a PoE power cycle schedule on the new Alta Switches?

I recently had to make large changes to my network which caused some of my devices to not want to connect back to the AP unless I restarted it. I restarted the unit by power cycling the POE port but it would have been nice to have the feature available in the portal to do a soft restart.

@JRosen almost +1, details below

@rutman286 @Alta-Tony Today I made a change to an SSID (I unchecked the hidden option) and it could not take the change, so I erased the ssid and recreated. There were a lot going on (that time I had just upgraded the AP, my AP was in a new location with VLAN changes and behind mutiple NATs or even reporting this could lead to a bug for hidden option), but the thing is that if the SSID had multiple settings configured, then I should have noted all of them in detail in order to set them again, while a single reboot may had given me the proper outcome.

As users, we could use the speed of light that these aps are booting.

Sorry for the size.