Request to change bandwith on 5Ghz

Hi, let me start to write that I’am impressed by the product. My field tests shows great throughput, high and stable download speeds, very quick responding cloud management! Just great!!

When playing with the settings I noticed that the 5Ghz bandwith default is set to 80Mhz. I can change it to 20Mhz once and save that. But 80Mhz does not appear in the drop down menu anymore and to get back to 80Mhz I need to close the menu, reopen the menu and select 80Mhz; save.

40Mhz is not available at this time.

The dropdown has a bug (?) not showing the other bandwith and to have 40Mhz as well is a future request.



Hi @VETM , thanks for the feedback!
We’ll try to replicate this and get back to you…


Hi @VETM can you share a screenshot of when the certain bandwidth disappears? I have been trying to replicate but can’t.

No matter what channel size I choose, All options are still available. Any other info you can provide?

Hi Matt, I think there was a little update? Anyway the problem is not there anymore! I can fully change whatever bandwith I prefer now. Case closed. Thanks

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Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know

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