Reliability compared with Unifi, region setting and general thoughts


I have not yet made a decision on whether to buy into the Alta Labs ecosystem.

I’m a Unifi user with a UDR, U6-IW and U6+. The problem with Unifi is there is always something that doesn’t work no matter what firmware version you are on. I feel I need to get away from this cycle of poor firmware updates, In addition Unifi fan boys on the forums ready to defend Unifi equipment at every given opportunity gets tiresome.

I’ve recently tried alternatives such as Aruba Instant On AP22 and AP25. This seem to way more stable than the Unifi gear. The problem with Aruba in the UK is the low transmit power (no fault of their own - just sticking to the regulations). I would need more APs to get acceptable coverage. My detached garage has a Ring Floodlight Cam Pro and 2 x Meross Garage door devices which need max power to get good wifi. The good thing about Unifi is I can set the region to ‘US’ and instantly the APs up their TX/RX power (a bit naughty but OK in my non built up environment). Can you set the region that the AP6 is operating?

I notice already some people having problems with the Meross Garage Door opener IoT device on the forums and needing to fiddle with settings to get it working. That’s a bit of a red flag for me as I have two of these.

On the upside, Alta labs seems to have only two APs on the market, this is a good sign in my opinion.
Any firmware updates need to only written for a small number of APs rather than a whole raft of current and legacy devices. Will Alta Labs AP6’s become just another Unifi type product with poor firmware updates that fix some problems and break others. Only time will tell - I just hope the strategy will try and steer away from this cycle of bad firmware.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback… We do have a QA team, and test the firmware before releasing. And work directly with customers testing “dev/debug” firmware to confirm firmware is fixing specific issues before rolling out to production. Try it out and let us know how it works for you :slight_smile:

I am based in the UK and have a raft of IoT devices. I moved from UniFi AP to Alta AP6 Pro and obtained almost line speed from their AP (UniFi was around 40Mbps, and Alta was 500-600Mbps out of the box). I am now looking to move from my UnFi switches to Alta as well.

The UnFi Portal was always a bit obscure whereas Alta is very clear. Plus the support I have received so far from their techs is brilliant.

If you are playing with RX/TX power then ensure your feed is PoE+, as this is a requirement of the AP6 Pro (weatherproof version) at least


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Good to hear thanks Vangelis. I’m going to give one AP6 Pro a go and see how it performs.

@TomLeo what so funny?

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