Redline Racing - Indoor 40,000 Sq Ft GoCart Race Track

Preparing to install one of our first Alta Labs Pro-6 AP’s for Redline Racing in Orem, Utah, a 40,000 square foot indoor go cart race track, and planned on using at least 3 AP’s to complete the job. Our estimation was based upon what it would have required if we used the manufacturer we have been using in the past for WiFi installations. The space is very open as you can imagine but it is still 40,000 square feet of space to cover and provide WiFi. We installed the first AP which was placed about 30’ above the floor and toward the front of the building. We began running tests to see where our dead spots were and where signal started becoming weak so we would know where to place our next AP. We walked the entire facility, going to every corner of the space, including offices, event room, bathrooms, etc., and we never found a weak signal or anywhere that produced slow speeds. In the end we kept just one AP installed and the customer couldn’t be happier. Way to go Alta Labs! You have us hooked!


Welcome to the forum @CraigDavies ! Thanks for the story! That project looks like a riot! Hopefully they let you take those carts for a spin… I may need to come do a site visit. :sunglasses:

@Alta-Chase I’m in for a race :slight_smile:

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You definitely should! The cars are fast and the track is awesome!