Reboot from app or from web browser

Am I missing something or is there a way to reboot the Access points or switch from the App or the browser please?

If not is this on the roadmap Please?


If you got firmware v1.1c or higher there is a way to do so:

Add ability to reboot devices (Open Network - Device Window / Settings tab, hold the shift key, then click Reboot).

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Thanks @BliXem!

To add to that, it’s not yet available in the app but we do plan to add support.

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Super - thank you .

I see it works on the APs as well

Thank you - it would be great to have it in the App.

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No problem! I don’t have an ETA, but it’s definitely on the roadmap.

Oh, glad you noticed. I meant to add that the shift reset method mentioned above works for both APs and switches, and likely a router when we have one.

Thank you for this! was scratching my head for a few minutes trying to figure this one out. I felt really dumb. @Alta-MikeD is there plans to possibly make this easier to find in the controller?

I don’t think this should be a hidden feature… LOL

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Cross posting this here from Restart AP option - #12 by LlamaLlama

I’m thinking it might be a better option to not have it hidden, but have it prompt “Are you sure?” once or twice?

Maybe even like when you try to delete some things (like a github repo) and it makes you type out the name of the device as well or something like that?

Actually (I haven’t tried removing an AP from the controller) but this same logic would be handy for those kinds of actions as well (type the name to confirm) and then accept the double prompt (are you sure?, are you surely sure?)