RE: 1.1d Firmware Update

One observation this evening after the 1.1d update is my Top Active Applications list has dropped to nothing… My network behavior hasn’t changed any, so I’m not sure what to make of this?

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How long ago did it update … just curious. We haven’t seen this issue yet but can find out what’s going on.

Hi @Matt_Hardy! I can always wait until tomorrow and see what it looks like. I am only just over an hour from updating at this point.

Still showing no Top Active Applications this morning. AP uptime is approx 10.5 hrs from update and reboot now.

Thanks @rutman286 … strange, we haven’t noticed this before. We’ll chat with you directly…

Updated to 1.1f. I didn’t expect it to fix the missing applications… it did not, just to verify.

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Hi, did it start working again a little while after the update?

Good morning Matt. Unfortunately, not really. It only shows one “application” now of HTTP. When I first installed the APs, it was picking up lots of correctly identified applications. The screenshot below was taken while writing this replay. Approx 15 hours after the update.

Ive started seeing this too, was already on 1.1f and did some re-cabling on the switch, after unplugging and plugging in AP, top active applications is now empty all the time.

Edit: If i add an application filter, I can see the application list populate although throughput numbers on application data is way off. When I remove an application filter, it seems to break again: (after line is where i turned off filter)

Previously TargusDataspeed matched iperf3 traffic and would be in line throughput wise with the actual iperf3 test/AP traffic report

@aglabs Thanks for the feedback here. Our team is looking into this issue further. We will be back in touch shortly with some follow up questions.

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I am experiencing the exact same behavior. When I apply the filter, the data show up. When I remove the filter, the data disappear.