Radius - dynamic vlans


Just a quick question regarding wpa2-enterprise and radius assigned dynamic vlan’s

Is the config on the switch ports the same as with Unifi or Ruckus?
wich means that:
all the needed VLANS needed to be tagged or trunked on the port where the ap is connected?

Is the management vlan also needed to be tagged of trunked?

And can the ap give ip’s on the management vlan?(something that doesn’t work with unifi …)

Thanks for your answers!



Hi @SVEN-B the APs use standard 802.1x RADIUS authentication, and can dynamically assign VLANs. You don’t necessarily have to configure your switch in any specific way. You can leave then as standard switch ports and let the AP handle the RADIUS authentication. There’s no need to configure the switch port in tagged/trunk mode, unless that’s something you specifically need to do…

@Alta-MattH is there a way to show the radius account that has logged in in dashboard in the clients view?



Great question! Not currently, but we do plan to add support in a future update.