RADIUS-assigned VLANs

@Alta-Jeff Emailed them into support,

Sorry needed a while to reconfigure things so the SSID was only available on a single AP and also to get into the Ubiquiti device and perform a pcap

@Alta-Jeff Did you receive the logs I sent into support?

@dragon2611 Yes, it’s showing that device is configured for VLAN5. Are you sure that the device is not on VLAN5 after connecting?

I cannot reproduce the problem here. Everything is working fine for me with WPA3-Enterprise with RADIUS-assigned VLAN.

Yes that’s the problem the radius server returned 15 not 5, 5 was the default vlan configured as fallback.

AVP: t=Tunnel-Private-Group-Id(81) l=4 val=15
Type: 81
Length: 4
Tunnel-Private-Group-Id: 15

It’s packet 22 in the pcap I believe.

I’m not sure why the RADIUS server would indicate the incorrect group… I’m using a Dream Machine as the RADIUS server successfully in my case. Does it work with any other VLANs or does it always get corrupted to 15?


It was supposed to be 15, the problem is the client ended up on vlan5 when the radius server said vlan 15.

The only way I got radius assigned vlans working was when I set the default vlan to 1 and also when I had wpa2 rather than wpa3

I cannot reproduce the problem here even if I use VLAN15… If you reboot everything and start fresh does it still happen?

If you can invite me to your site, I can add some debug to the firmware on the AP to understand why it is assigning 5.


My email is jeff@alta.inc.


Right got it working with WPA3, the problem is default network VLAN, if it’s set to 1 then radius assigned VLAN works, if it’s set to anything else then you’ll just get thrown onto the Default vlan even if Multi Vlan is enabled.

Got it. We’ll add this to our queue to fix.

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This issue will be resolved in 2.0q which should go out by the end of the day.


This fix has been released in 2.0q.

Please let us know if you have any other issues!